Hi there and thank you for visiting Burgess and Carter.

Who knew when I packed up everything in the UK and moved with my husband and young children halfway around the world to New Zealand, that I would be on the journey of a lifetime in more than one way. You could say it was a journey of miles and of the mind. And that is what I aim to capture in every single candle I pour.

I still remember the excitement I felt the first me I poured my own candle. The trepidation as I wondered if it would work; if the scent would be strong enough, or if anyone would like it. And more than anything, the joy I felt when people described how the candles made them feel. How the scents were so beautiful, how they wanted another to give to a friend… I knew I had found my calling.

When we light a candle, we ignite a journey for the soul. As the flame flickers and draws us into the moment, we open ourselves up to let in energy and light. As the scent surrounds us it can transport us in an instant to another place or me. Enabling us to reconnect, to re energise or simply to relax. By fuelling the soul we free ourselves to find joy in life itself.

Like the beautiful Nelson scenery I am surrounded by as I work in my small home studio, everything I use
in my candles is 100% natural and pure. I use only the nest natural soy wax – which burns cleanly and contains no harmful chemicals. I use blends of quality fragrances to create my signature scents, and I aim to use only sustainable, environmentally friendly materials in my packaging.

All of my candles are poured by hand, and I often say that I pour a little bit of my soul/essence/spirit/ into each and every one. But the truth is that I do it because I am fiercely passionate about what I do. I keep my batches small so I can control the quality, and I create scents that are designed to fill your life with joy every day. An affordable daily luxury. And I like to think that by making a better candle, I help to make the world a better place. It certainly makes my soul happy.

My vision is to create an affordable daily luxury that fuels the soul.

I want you to light a Burgess and Carter candle every day while you are having dinner, journalling, watching TV, meditating, practising yoga, creating at your desk, reading and anything else that makes you feel good.

P.S Where did the name Burgess and Carter come from?……well “Burgess” is my Mum’s maiden name and “Carter” is my grandmother’s maiden name on my Dad’s side.  So it’s a tribute to my Mum and Dad who live on the other side of the world to me but are always in my heart.